21 January 2015



ha kali ni nak cerita tentang pengalaman yong naik cruise di Shanghai itu Huangpu River Cruise. Kalau trip dengan company memang selalu naik cruise. lain tempat lain rasanya kan? Sebelum ni dah pernah naik cruise di Paris dan Seoul..  

sebelum naik cruise. kena la beratur dulu

Sedikit info tentang Huangpu River ni yong dapat dari Google

Huangpu River, a symbol of Shanghai, originates in Dianshan Lake and empties into the Yangtze River at Wusongkou (mouth of Wusong River). It is 114 kilometers (71miles) long and 400 meters (0.25 miles) wide. It is ice-free year round. The river divides Shanghai into east and west. It is a silent eyewitness to Shanghai's history and its development.

Scenery along the river

A spectacular sight is that the two suspension bridges, Nanpu Bridge and Yangpu Bridge, appear to arch over the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, resembling 'Two dragons playing with a ball'.

The west bank (Puxi) of the Huangpu River is the cultural, residential and entertainment center of Shanghai. The Bund, Monument to the People's Heroes, Waibaidu Bridge and the oldest park in Shanghai - Huangpu Park, are located on the west bank. In addition, many historical buildings left over from Shanghai's colonial days have been preserved. The east bank of the river (Pudong) is the newer district of Shanghai and its financial and commercial hub. Steel and glass structures are abundant here. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Jin Mao Tower, skyscraper hotels, offices and malls of the Lujiazui Financial Zone are located on this side of the river.

Ships from all over the world dot the river. The busy wharfs and the 'three-layer waters' (or three-color waters) at Wusongkou are also within sight. The 'three-layer waters' is formed by the convergence of Huangpu River (gray white), Yangtze River (yellow) and the East Sea (green) during high tide.

Huangpu River Cruise Map
When the sun sets, the river is veiled in the glittery neon lights on its banks. Cruising on the river in the evening, visitors can experience its silence and beauty under the moonlight.

Cruise Information

Cruising on the Huangpu River has become a must for most visitors to Shanghai. Cruise ships vary in size, decoration and amenities, with the most luxurious offering air conditioning, conference room, banquet hall, bar and television. Get information of the Cruise Ships.

Ships depart from the Bund (Zhongshan Road), sail to Huangpu Bridge in the south, turn and head north towards Wusongkou, and return to the Bund.

bersama my mentor, Hanis Haizi

cantik kan pemandangan di sini? waktu malam sangat cantik dengan cahaya-cahaya dari bangunan di sekitar sungai ini.. So if you all ke Shanghai, jangan lupa naik cruise ya. Totally fun and remembering.

sekian untuk aktiviti hari kedua. will update more about DAY 3 in Shanghai :)
thanks for reading

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Najib Ariyan said...

Cantik sungguh bandaraya Shanghai... saya belum pernah keluar dari asia tenggara lagi... oh pernah ke Bangladesh... tapi sapa suka nak pegi sana kan... river cruise pernah buat kat Bangkok... nice jugak

banding dengan Shanghai yg moden... Bangkok banyak bangunan lama yg cantik disuluh cahaya

Myra Jay said...

Kalerfull :)


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